September 10, 2017 – Express-News Editorial Board –

It didn’t have to be this way, San Antonio. We didn’t have to nearly run out of gas over Labor Day weekend.

Long lines could have been avoided. The focus could have remained fully on the toll Harvey took on Houston and the Texas coast, and not a self-created crisis about where to find one last drop of gas. One derived from hoarding and panic, which then rippled into real problems for people approaching empty or those who drive for a living.

There was never a gas shortage until we chose to make one. Numerous officials said this. Mayor Ron Nirenberg begged San Antonio residents to stop hoarding, noting gas consumption during the panic was 2.5 times the normal amounts.

Likewise, Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton repeatedly offered assurances that there was no shortage and implored people to simply use normal amounts of fuel.

As disappointing as this moment was, it highlighted a glaring lack of transit options. While officials encouraged people to drive less, the reality is it’s difficult not to drive in San Antonio.
As we all know, there is no rail in San Antonio.

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