Updated December 3, 2015 – TRA Newswire

(Dallas) – The private company that plans to build a high speed rail line between Texas’ two largest metro areas kicked off a series of public meetings in Dallas Tuesday, showing the public and elected officials a further peek under the tent.

Texas Central Partners’ landmark project is expected to create thousands of construction jobs and have a direct economic impact over $36 billion between now and 2040. Trains would run at speeds up to 200 miles per hour and make the Dallas to Houston trip in only 90 minutes.

The railway company and some of their contractors presented additional information for public view including maps of alignment alternatives that are part of a draft environmental impact study required by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Citizens who were concerned about property that would need to be acquired for the high speed rail project were able to see documentation and talk with representatives. A sound booth allowed attendees to listen to what a high speed train sounded like at 50 and 400 yards away, compared to a freight train. The freight train scenario took several minutes for noise to be reduced while the bullet train whisked by in 3 to 6 seconds.

Texas Central representatives talked with citizens that were concerned about access points in rural areas where trains would be elevated above ground. Diagrams and pictures showed how there would be frequent access for ranchers and that tracks would be built above  or below existing roads to preserve access.

Two possible locations near the Dallas Convention Center were presented for review as the Dallas terminus of the rail line. One bridges Interstate 30 near downtown and the other potential station shown is just south of I-30. The high speed rail line would parallel existing freight rail lines on approach to downtown Dallas.

Additional public meetings are scheduled as follows: