Here’s a most interesting question. Is it possible that UK-based Virgin Trains could supply the on-board crews to run Japanese-type bullet trains between Dallas and Houston? If so, this would bring a very high level of service to Texans who would use the high speed line.

“I have been on Virgin Trains in the UK many times” according to Texas Rail Advocates President Peter LeCody “and the service and attitudes of the crews was far and above any airline or train service I have ever experienced. If Virgin Trains turns out to be the final choice to offer on-board services then I believe all Texans are in for a great travel experience. Once when I missed a final rail connection to a remote town in England, the Virgin Trains station representative arranged and paid for a taxi to take me there. Texas Central could not have chosen a better partner for operating their trains.”

The Virgin Trains connection to Texas Central Railway, the private company building the 240-mile long high speed link between the two major metro regions, was unearthed during testimony of a company executive. That written testimony, in its entirety, was posted to the Texans Against High Speed Rail website. Vice President Shaun McCabe was grilled by Dallas attorney Blake L. Beckham, representing a client that wants to kill the project.

Texas Central apparently has been in talks with Virgin Trains for several years and has an ongoing contract for rail services to operate the North Texas and Houston service once it is up and running.

TCR’s McCabe was grilled for nearly six hours on issues of eminent domain, operation of a railroad and the various divisions of Texas Central from promoting the high speed railroad to who will own the tracks, trains and real estate.