Twenty years ago, Dallas Area Rapid Transit opened 11 miles of service on the Blue and Red lines, a first step toward developing the largest light-rail network in America. By this fall, more than 90 miles of tracks will stretch over four different rail lines and link scores of stations, two airports, major universities and community colleges alike, two of our most important hospitals and much more.

It’s a remarkable achievement for the sprawling, auto-addicted region that we were and in many ways remain. Many people were convinced such success wasn’t possible — and weren’t shy about saying so over the years.

So today, we are happy to lead the applause and sound a rousing cheer for DART’s staff, all its board members throughout the years, and the elected leaders and voters who’ve helped build a regional transit system.

As we turn our gaze toward the next 20 years for DART, however, we also must look squarely at where the system has so far fallen short.

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