February 6, 2017 – HoustonPress.com

The highly anticipated and controversial Houston-to-Dallas bullet train line has been delayed once again.

Yep, that’s right. Texas Central Partners, the private company that plans to construct a high-speed rail line that will zip passengers between Houston and Dallas on trains departing every 30 minutes, has sort of announced that the line’s start date has once again been delayed by a year.

We say “sort of” because news of the changed start date was sandwiched into a talk that Marvalette Hunter, a project coordinator with Texas Central Partners, gave last Wednesday at the Commercial Real Estate Women luncheon at the Junior League in Houston.

“We’re creating a new technology that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the U.S.,” Hunter told the audience, according to the Houston Business Journal, explaining how the bullet trains will tote up to 400 people between Houston and Dallas in just 90 minutes — once the trains start running in 2023, that is.

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