February 24, 2017 – TRA Newswire –

Texas Central, pushing back against a flurry of bills filed in the Texas legislature to kill their high speed train project between Dallas and Houston, put out a plea to everyday Texans asking for their support.

In social media posts and through emails to interested parties, Texas Central issued this request:

“As you may have heard, several members of the Texas Legislature filed a slate of discriminatory bills this week, specifically targeting the Texas Bullet Train project. Neither the bills nor the tactics were a surprise, but this action stands as a reminder that some lawmakers would be willing to use the power of the state government to single out and kill a free market project that will create tens of thousands of jobs and drive billions of dollars of investment into the Texas economy.”

The Texas Central post went on to state “Make no mistake, your train is on track and being built every day.  Teams of people are at work doing environmental work, engineering work, designing the train cars, collaborating with landowners, and creating a world class ridership experience for you.”

“Don’t let these legislators deny something a majority of Texans have been clamoring for – the freedom to choose a safe, reliable and productive means of travel between North Texas and Greater Houston.” The Texas Central post then urged citizens to “Tell your legislators today that you support this innovative project because it’s good for Texas” by clicking on a site to generate a personal email to elected officials.

An immediate response came from the Dallas Morning News in an editorial that was critical of misguided efforts by Texas legislators opposed to the railroad building the bullet train to link two of the largest population centers in the country. (Editors note: the editorial is posted to the “In Our Opinion” section of the TRA website).