May 8, 2017 – Dallas Morning News – Letters to the Editor –

We support the proposed Texas Bullet Train that will connect North Texas, Houston and the Brazos Valley. Developed, built and operated without state or federal grants, this project will create a new industry and have a significant, positive impact on our economy. By creating an estimated 10,000 jobs during each year of construction and paying an estimated $2.5 billion in taxes over the next 25 years, a high-speed train is the type of incredible opportunity that Texas must embrace.

We support this project because it will provide significant additional capacity for our transportation system without drawing on the state’s scarce taxpayer dollars. Instead, this project uses an innovative, entrepreneurial approach that combines investment from private investors from Texas and across the country and infrastructure capital from across the globe.

 Texas will benefit directly from new jobs, a new industry and a new choice for travel between Houston, North Texas and the Brazos Valley. A strong transportation system is fundamental to Texas’ economic vitality and quality of life, attracting new businesses and generating new jobs. We support this project as a welcome complement to the state’s transportation system.

Legislators Eric Johnson, Linda Koop, Roberto Alonzo, Rafael Anchía, Rodney Anderson, Cindy Burkett, Angie Chen Button, Morgan Meyer, Victoria Neave, Toni Rose, Ron Simm