May 20, 2017 – TRA Newswire –

U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions, responding to a letter from one of our Texas Rail Advocates board members affirms his support for private investment in building the first high speed rail line in the country. The Texas Central project would connect the mega-regions of North Texas and Houston/Galveston with trips of 90 minutes at speeds up to 205 miles per hour.


Dear xxxxxxxx:
Thank you for contacting me regarding the Texas Central Railway high-speed rail line. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on this important issue.
Our nation’s transportation network, consisting of the highways, interstates, and freeways that connect America, has always been an integral component to sustaining a strong national economy. Our country is able to grow and thrive because the American people have always understood the need for a cohesive, unifying transportation network.
As you may know, two independent Texas-based private companies, Texas Central Partners and Texas Central High-Speed Railway, recently partnered to develop a high-speed passenger rail system that will connect Dallas and Houston. Although the project is still in the early development stage, when completed the system will use high-speed bullet train technology to complete the 240 mile journey in approximately 90 minutes.
My office and I have been briefed by Texas Central project leaders and are aware of the concerns and current issues with the rail line. It is my understanding that this transportation project is unique in that it employs a market-based approach and is financed entirely by private investors, not federal or state public funds. Furthermore, pending a final Environmental Impact Statement decision from the US Department of Transportation and decision on the rail line route, I have been assured project leaders will continue to work to minimize any potential negative impact to Texan landowners and their property during the completion of this project.
Transportation infrastructure is important to the growth of our nation and our state and I support these Texas-based, privately-funded projects that will help promote economic growth and create a more robust Texas. Thank you again for contacting me. As always, if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or my Legislative Correspondent, Ike Crews, at202.225.2231, or by email at