Texas lawmakers didn’t stop fast trains this year

08 Jun

June 8, 2017 – San Antonio Express-News – Bruce Selcraig, Staff Writer  –

They called the Texas Central Railroad, or TCR, a financial boondoggle destined to scar the countryside. They predicted that Texas taxpayers ultimately would have to bail out the fledgling railroad. Some even said the Japanese-led group was not, legally, a railroad and so could not use the rapacious power of eminent domain to acquire property for its route.

 “This group of foreign investors is threatening to seize family farms (and) physically divide the state of Texas,” said Rep. Leighton Schubert, R-Caldwell, echoing nine of his colleagues.

But when the legislative session ended last week, only two of the anti-rail bills had passed, and TCR officials said their effects would be mainly benign.

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