August 13, 2017 – TRA Newswire –

Stadler announced that it has completed the first FLIRT diesel-multiple-unit (DMU)  at its plant at North Salt Lake, Utah for the TEXRail project that will link downtown Fort Worth to DFW International Airport. The official unveiling of the DMU will be at the American Public Transit Association Expo in Atlanta this October.

Fort Worth Transportation Authority signed a $100 million contract with the rolling stock manufacturer for eight FLIRT diesel-electric multiple units in 2015. They have an the option to purchase four more. The trains will operate on the 27 mile regional rail line which is part of the Cotton Belt route.

The shells and bogies are manufactured in Switzerland with components and final assembly taking place in Utah. 60 percent of the contract required sourcing materials in the U.S. as about half of the TEXRail $1 billion funding came from a federal grant and was subject to Buy America regulations.  The 488-passenger trains will have USB ports and will be wi-fi equipped.

Construction is underway on the rail line with completion expected by the end of 2018. The nine station line is expected to serve 8,000 riders a day by the end of its first year of operation.

This article shows what the inside of the FLIRT car will look like: