November 17, 2017 – Austin American-Statesman – Ben Wear –


  • TxDOT this month approved a first-level environmental study on an Oklahoma-to-Mexico train plan.
  • But only the center section would be “high speed,” and TxDOT has no money to continue planning the project.
  • And an East Texas bullet train plan, also undergoing review, is many dollars and untold years from reality.

Not yet.

Almost four years ago in this column, I raised the question of whether it was time to take seriously the prospects of a high-speed passenger rail line being built in this state. My conclusion at the time: No.

Still is.

Even with the Texas Department of Transportation’s release this month of a first-level environmental study on rail in the 550-mile corridor from the Red River to the Rio Grande Valley — and the ongoing privately funded study of a 240-mile Houston-to-Dallas line — I remain skeptical. And I am far from alone, at least in the case of that north-south connection between Oklahoma and Mexico.

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