99% For Highways

OffTheKuff.com – March 22, 2010

Deidre Delisi, Texas Transportation Commission Chair, said “We’re behind in Texas, relative to other states who have more of a robust rail infrastructure. But we’re aggressively pursuing it where it makes sense, where it’s feasible, where folks want it and where it makes good economic sense.”

Daily Texan – September 29, 2018

“Texans are growing increasing wary of expensive toll roads”, so House Transportation Chair Geanie Morrison, R-Victoria, said “it is important to keep an open mind to alternative transportation. We have a huge transportation problem. Are we going to keep building roads and roads and roads? We can’t say no to everything.”

San Antonio Express News – January 23, 2020

Bruce Bugg, Texas Transportation Commission Chairman, said the Texas Department of Transportation continues to focus on building highways because 93 percent of Texans drive and they have to listen to population preferences. Conspicuously absent in the 20-minute talk, billed by his hosts as a discussion of the “crucial mobility issues facing San Antonio,” was any mention of the words “buses,” “rail,” “mass transit,” “public transportation”.

D Magazine – January 10, 2020

At a Rotary Club of San Antonio speech “The bottom line is this: The way people get around, the way people live is going to change,” Governor Greg Abbott said, according to the Rivard Report. “As a result, this generation of roads that [Texas Transportation Commission Chairman] Bruce Bugg is in charge of building is probably the last major build out of roads we’ll have in the state of Texas, even considering the fact that Texas is the fastest-growing state in America.”