January 6, 2016 - BNSF

Posted to the BNSF website, the railway company indicated that it's network is in its best condition ever following 2015's record $6 billion in capital investment across the lines.

In the past year BNSF double-tracked more than 120 miles of its network, placed some 900 new miles under Centralized Traffic Control, added five new sidings and extended capacity on 16 sidings.

The article indicated that "these projects have generated significant improvements in operational performance. Only seven miles of single track remain on the Southern Transcon, while half of our Northern Transcon route is now double-tracked. With this additional capacity now available, the network is well positioned to help its customers develop growth opportunities in 2016 and beyond." These improvements should pay off with fewer trains parked in the passing sidings and train times for meets at sidings should also be reduced.

See more at: http://www.bnsfmedia.com/go/doc/7090/2772178/#sthash.jn50mznk.dpuf