January 20, 2023 - TRA Newswire -

BNSF Railway will invest just short of $4 billion in their capital investment plan for 2023. The biggest chunk of the $3.96 billion CapEx plan, $2.85 billion, will go to maintaining the railroad's core network and related assets. 

"Our capital plan reflects our growth mindset and commitment to having the capacity and equipment we need to support our customers. Continued investment in our network through our capital plans helps ensure we run a safe, efficient and growing railroad that provides customers with the service they expect from BNSF," said Katie Farmer, President and CEO.

In Texas, BNSF is expected to complete a second main track expansion on its Fort Worth subdivision. The second track between Fort Worth and Blum will accommodate additional capacity on this busy stretch of the railroad and also includes a second span over the Trinity River. 

Maintenance projects include replacing and upgrading rail, track infrastructure like ballast and rail ties, and maintaining rolling stock. It will consist of nearly 14,000 miles of track surfacing and/or undercutting work and the replacement of 346 miles of rail and approximately 2.8 million rail ties. $402 million of this year's capital plan is for equipment acquisitions. Over $700 million of this year's capital plan will be for expansion and efficiency projects, adding to the nearly $2.5 billion invested in expansion projects over the past five years. This year's expansion plans support the growth of BNSF Intermodal and Automotive, Agricultural and Industrial Products customers.

Anticipating the future needs of its shippers, on its Southern Transcon route between the West Coast and Midwest, BNSF will support traffic growth by beginning the construction of a second bridge over the Missouri River at Sibley, Missouri, completing double track for one of the last segments of single track along the Southern Transcon. The plan continues projects that add several segments of new track in Eastern Kansas and Southern California.

It will also begin a multi-year terminal and fueling project near Belen, New Mexico. Also,. In the Pacific Northwest, BNSF will begin a multi-year project to add double track near Spokane, Washington, including over the Spokane River and by constructing a siding near Pasco, Washington. BNSF will continue multi-year intermodal facility expansion projects in Chicago (Cicero) and Stockton, California. Also, in California, BNSF will continue its track efficiency improvement projects in San Bernardino, along with property acquisitions in the Barstow area, enabling future rail facility and infrastructure development for the Barstow International Gateway Project.

Photo credit: BNSF