December 20, 2019 - Michelle Dippel to Austin American-Statesman -

If you live in the Austin area, you can’t help but notice how things have grown, and with an average of 152 newcomers arriving each day, that growth doesn’t appear to be slowing anytime soon. Worsening congestion, combined with aging infrastructure, mean improvements to our transportation systems have never been more important to our community.

We know transportation systems connect communities to one other, create jobs and are key to a region’s economic prosperity, yet mobility in this region falls short of meeting our current and future needs. Austin has made important strides, but more work is needed.

To address this challenge, a bipartisan solution to effectively improve our transportation systems through investments in infrastructure funding is critical. The benefits of a well-maintained and highly functioning multi-modal transportation system go beyond improved mobility. When communities leverage transportation investment and development, not only can they can maximize job creation and access to employment, they also improve housing options and benefit a broad range of people.

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