June 29, 2021 - TRA Newswire -

Kansas City Southern (KCS) (NYSE: KSU) and Midstream Texas Operating LLC (MTO) today announced a long-term commercial agreement to provide truck-to-rail transloading services for petroleum and petrochemicals from Corpus Christi, Texas into Mexico. Operations are expected to begin in fourth quarter 2021.

“KCS is looking forward to working with MTO to expand infrastructure to supply petroleum products to Mexico out of Corpus Christi. This new transload is strategically close to supply locations and to the border for expedient access to end markets,” said KCS vice president energy and chemical products Ginger Adamiak.

“This service expansion offers our customers proven transportation to an attractive market. We are delighted to link with MTO’s Ingleside terminal to offer seamless marine, truck and rail movements,” said David Vattimo, CEO of MTO.

On property leased from KCS, MTO will construct a transload facility, including siding tracks and facilities for loading and staging of 200 rail cars per month in the initial phase. The site is readily expandable to eventually handle over 500 rail cars a month. Potential customers are invited to visit www.midstreamtx.com/ for more information.