July 14, 2023 - TRA Newswire -

Rockport Terminals, which offers expanded port access on the Texas Gulf Coast to major markets, celebrates one year of rail service with Union Pacific Railroad. The complex is situated north of Corpus Christi on the Intercoastal Waterway. 

This is just two years after the formerly idled industrial property was acquired by Jones Capital and turned into a multi-modal logistics port. Today, the 250-acre Rockport Terminals serve customers transporting oil and gas, bulk and break-bulk commodities and renewables in the South Texas and Mexico markets. The terminals also includes storage-in-transit rail and a transloading facility. 

The terminals can store over 700 railcars, accept unit trains and transloads to and from barge, rail or truck. Rockport Terminals has room to expand for railcar use as well as hydrocarbon storage and dock facilities.

CEO Ross Stevenson said, "Our goal when developing Rockport Terminals was to be the most convenient and cost-effective multi-modal solution for numerous industries, positively impact the Aransas County economy and become a world-class asset along the Texas Gulf Coast. Developing a double loop unit train facility with an aggregate of fifteen miles of rail has allowed Rockport Terminals to partner with Union Pacific as a service provider, setting in motion a bright future to develop further and provide value to customers across a wide opportunity set."

According to Rockport Terminals, one of the advantages of the complex that clients seek is avoidance of expensive port tariffs, which drive up shipping costs. 

Photo credit: Rockport Terminals