January 7, 2016 - TWC News

AUSTIN--Four cities and a community college have bought into the region's next mass transit plan.

Lone Star Rail could connect to every city between San Antonio and Georgetown, cutting hours out of some people's commutes. The project’s designers say it would even be possible to get from downtown San Antonio to downtown Austin in 75 minutes during rush hour.

The project is about one-third of the way through its federal review. It would use the existing Union Pacific Railroad to carry riders between Georgetown and San Antonio. But first, the rail district has to buy land and build a new railroad for freight traffic.

"That is going to involve significant property acquisition out there. Not a lot of acreage, but an 80-mile line that has to kind of snake through some of that land. There is backland prairie out there; there are ranches and farms that have been in peoples' families for over 100 years,” said Joe Black, of the Lone Star Rail District.

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