April 6, 2019 - TRA Austin -
The following rail bill has been scheduled for a hearing on Monday in the House Judiciary and Jurisprudence Committee.
HB 4219- Relating to the enforceability of certain contracts to acquire real property for a high-speed rail project.
Texas Rail Advocates opposes this bill and will file our objection to it at the hearing.

This bill proposes changes to the transportation code to make sure that a private entity like Texas Central Railway would never be able to build or complete a high speed rail project. The author is freshman Representative Ben Leman (R-Brenham), a former county judge that has opposed the construction of high speed rail in Grimes County.

Texas Central spokesperson Holly Reed said in a statement "this is another attempt to create unique laws and rules focusing on the project that create fear and drive unfounded accusations. We will make sure the facts are heard about this bad bill."