August 10, 2022 - TRA Newswire -

A new short line railroad in a Baytown industrial park is expected to start service this week to provide common carrier service and interline with both BNSF and Union Pacific Railroad. TGS Cedar Port Railroad will operate on 1.28 miles of track in the Cedar Port Industrial Park. 

Paperwork filed with the Surface Transportation Board in July called for the railroad to begin service at the industrial rail park. Once a private railroad and part of the United States Steel complex in Baytown, Trans-Global Solutions, the new owners of the tracks anticipate that it will serve various customers as a Class III railroad. 

The railroad, located in Chambers County, anticipates its annual revenue will exceed $5 million.

The 1.28 miles of track connects to ancillary trackage within the TGS Cedar Port Industrial Park and consists of yard, industrial and siding tracks. 

Photo credit: TGS Cedar Port