November 21, 2019 - -

PRESIDIO, Texas - Many traded goods that end up in Oklahoma cross the Mexican border in Texas by automobile.

At the Presidio, Texas, port of entry, all of that is about to change with a new rail system being installed between the United States and Mexico.

The system is a joint project the United States helped pay $30 million for.

Alex Leos, the acting Port Director at the Presidio Port of Entry, started is border protection career in 1989. He said that was a time when rail traffic at the border began to decline. “I think it’s a great deal for both communities, I think this has been long awaited for Presidio and Ojinaga,” Leos said.

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TRA note: the international rail bridge on the South Orient Rail Line at Presidio, Texas, previous destroyed by fire, is expected to be back in operation in 2020. The company operates over the South Orient Rail Line under a lease and operating agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation and Texas Pacifico Transportation, Ltd. The South Orient Rail Line runs from the Mexican border town of Presidio, Texas to San Angelo Junction