July 7, 2023 - tahlequahdailypress.com -

Oklahomans should Gov. Kevin Stitt credit where it’s due, even when they disagree with his handling of other issues. And when it comes to interstate train travel, his actions will go down in history on the positive side of the ledger.

Almost ever since Oklahoma and Texas officials shook hands to get a rail line back open between the two states, certain short-sighted members of the Legislature have been trying to kill off the Heartland Flyer. Of course, those officials always want to eliminate anything a good number of “regular folks” find convenient or enjoy, so they can use taxpayer money to lick the boots of their well-heeled donors.

Stitt is known for pushing back against those who defy him – and in the case of the Heartland Flyer and its future sister, the Northern Flyer, that type of belligerence may serve the state well. Now, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation is on board in a public way, partnering with Amtrak to offer new pricing options. That started Thursday, July 6.

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