August 28, 2023 - - 

North Texas leaders are moving forward with plans for a high-speed train along Interstate 30, connecting the DFW Metroplex to the proposed Texas Central Dallas-Houston line.

Those same leaders say they would like to see a statewide system that would connect cities like Austin, San Antonio, Laredo, and even College Station.

They say they would like to have what’s being considered as a one-seat ride, meaning instead of a single company having exclusive rights to the rail lines, it is envisioned that it would operate more like airports, which allow for many carriers. This would allow the traveling public to benefit from a competitive marketplace.

The North Central Texas Council of Governments is currently conducting studies and planning meetings to move forward to the next steps.

These efforts, while not new, have gained renewed momentum following Amtrak and Texas Central’s recent partnership announcement.

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Photo credit: Texas Central