August 24, 2016 - -

On Wednesday, ground broke on TEX Rail, a 27-mile commuter rail project developed by the Fort Worth Transportation Authority.

Grapevine officials and other dignitaries met at the future downtown Grapevine TEX Rail station, located at 705 S. Main St., and from there traveled by train to North Richland Hills and downtown Fort Worth for the remainder of the groundbreaking ceremonies.

Grapevine Mayor William D. Tate spoke about the benefits of the rail at the groundbreaking ceremony.

“It will reduce the need to build more highways, which we don’t have the room or the money to do that,” he said. “Less roads means less cars, which means less impact on the air quality. It will also increase productivity for those riding the rail because they will be able to work using their computers, using their cell phones, read a book or even take a selfie along the way.”

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