January 22, 2016 - Houston Chronicle Transportation Writer Dug Begley at the 2016 Southwestern Rail Conference

DALLAS - Plans for high-speed rail in Texas will speed up in 2016, company officials said Friday, as the first comprehensive examination of the Houston-to-Dallas line is on pace for release in the summer and design changes are taking shape.

Tim Keith, CEO of Texas Central Partners, said the company remains confident that its plan is viable. It calls for trains leaving every 30 minutes and making the trip between the two metro areas in 90 minutes.

"Envision in your mind the two cities growing closer together through urban sprawl and development," Keith said, "but farther apart for car travel and air travel because of congestion."

The project, company officials said, is expected to begin construction in 2017 and start operating by 2021. Prices, Keith said, would be driven by competition and would vary by time of day and amenities, similar to first-class and coach air travel.

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