May 11, 2022 - TRA Newswire -

It's not bad enough that supply chain issues rippling through the economy have played havoc with rail shipments through Texas and the rest of the nation. Now you can add a computer glitch that has halted trains from Texas international rail gateways into Mexico.

BNSF Railway posted this notice to shippers today. "Due to congestion at our Eagle Pass and El Paso, TX gateways caused by Ferromex (FXE) system issues, BNSF has issued a permit embargo on all southbound traffic destined for interchange with the FXE at these junctions. The embargo (BNSF002322) will take effect at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, May 12. No permits are being issued at the present time."

Ferromex operates the largest railroad network in Mexico with over 6,200 miles of track and is apparently cutting over to a new data system that is not functioning correctly and causing issues with required customs transactions. This is slowing trains headed south over the Texas-Mexico border resulting in trains backing up and causing congestion.  

Union Pacific has a southbound temporary embargo at its Eagle Pass, Texas international rail crossing. 

Northbound shipments that interchange with BNSF Railway at the Eagle Pass and El Paso gateways are apparently not affected.

Shippers, already stressed by rail delays and missed pickups and deliveries, have slowed or halted production in some cases or switched shipments to a more expensive trucking option. 

Photo credit: Governing