July 28, 2019 - Star-Telegram.com - By Gordon Dickson -

Residents who live along the TEXRail tracks are about to notice a lot more trains.

The commuter rail line, which opened in January, has taken delivery of its eighth and final train set from Swiss manufacturer Stadler, which builds the railroad cars at a plant near Salt Lake City, Utah.

With all of its rail cars in hand, Trinity Metro, Fort Worth’s transit agency, can now increase the frequency of its train service to every 30 minutes during the busiest times of day. TEXRail opened in January, initially with five train sets, and up to this point has run trains hourly.

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July 22, 2019 -

Now, more people can take TEXRail to work, even if their workplace isn’t near a train station.

Fort Worth’s transit agency, Trinity Metro, has launched a new service known as Zip Zone. Riders who take the TEXRail commuter line to Mercantile Center Station can now get a lift on the shared ride service for as little as $1, to get from the train station to their workplace.

It’s part of an overall strategy to help transit users close the gap between their place of employment and the nearest bus or train stop. It’s a distance known in the public transportation industry as the “last mile.”

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