May 26, 2023 - TRA Newswire  - 

Two Dallas-based rail companies, TNW Corporation has teamed up with TrinityRail to expand rail service on the Texas North Western Railway (TXNW) line in Sunray, Texas. 

The short line located north of Amarillo is owned and operated by TNW. The companies will offer storage space for more than 11,000 rail cars, a tank-car certified repair shop facility, fast-track service for quick turnaround repair projects, and rail-car cleaning and flaring. 

The railroad offers a daily interchange service e with BNSF Railway. 

In a news release it was announced that the alliance will benefit customers by offering enough capacity to take large returns of 300 or more rail cars from a terminating lessee and allowing a faster return to service.  "The on-site TNW car-cleaning operations coupled with TrinityRail's repair and maintenance capabilities allow customers to have a single location for cleaning, storage, maintenance and repair of their fleet," according to TrinityRail Senior Vice President of U.S. Operations Aaron Gooding.

TrinityRail manufactures rail cars and provides leasing and maintenance services for a fleet of more than 140,000 cars while TNW owns one of the largest U.S. railcar storage facilities and owns and operates three short line railroads and four logistics centers in Texas. 

In a related development, TNW has elevated Cheryl Hart to director of sales and marketing. Hart will develop and implement strategic sales, marketing and communications. Hart has directed TNW's marketing and communications since October 2021. Before that, she managed marketing and branding since January 2019. She has more than 25 years of experience in sales and marketing leadership.

Photo credit: TNW