March 21, 2022 - TRA Newswire -
The Victoria County Navigation District continues to expand and has announced plans for the Texas Logistics Center at the Port of Victoria (TXLC). 
Phase 1 will see the addition of over 42,000 feet of track, including the build-out of three 10,000-foot drop and pull tracks. Later phases include storage tracks, transloading, connections to new tenants, and upon completion, TXLC will be served by Union Pacific and BNSF railroads. “The Texas Logistics Center will significantly strengthen the Port's ability to provide top-tier logistics solutions in economic development through the expansion of our services and physical footprint across North America.” said Executive Director of the POV, Sean Stibich. TXLC’s connection to the 35-mile Victoria Barge Canal
TNW Corporation, a privately held operator of short line railroads and logistics centers in Texas, currently provides industry rail operations for the Port Of Victoria and will continue assisting with the development of the TXLC / POV’s multi-phase rail expansion project. “Our strategic alliance with the POV continues to thrive. The addition of the Texas Logistics Center offers a strategic logistics advantage to businesses seeking to relocate operations in Texas, and TNW is proud to be part of the Port’s growth.” said Wade Hoffmann, TNW’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

Strategically positioned in a Foreign Trade Zone and Texas Enterprise Zone, the regional logistics hub is situated two hours from Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. With over 2,000 acres available for development and access to rail, water, and highway transport, TXLC provides strategic business opportunities in Texas.
TXLC will utilize the 35-mile Victoria Barge Canal, which leads to the Gulf of Mexico and is on the M-69 Marine Highway, connecting to other ports along the Texas coast.

Photo Credit: Port of Victoria