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If demolishing the Reunion Tower is necessary for implementing intercity high-speed rail in Texas, then it is critical we do it to help combat congestion while improving local communities. Comets should petition their officials and mobilize in support of sustainable public transportation projects.   

In 2023, Amtrak announced support for Texas Central’s plans of creating a high speed rail connection between Dallas and Houston, which, when complete, would allow people to make the trip between these two major metropolitan centers in less than 2 hours. A federal grant of $500,000 has already been given to Texas Central so it can work on finalizing plans for the line. But projected routes have faced severe criticism from Texas real estate developers, with Hunt Realty particularly opposed to the extension connecting the line to Fort Worth. Transportation issues in Texas will never improve if people continue to allow those that profit from horrible unwalkable infrastructure to be the most vocal; students who support public transport should petition their representatives as much as pro-car interest groups do. 

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