Trinity Railway Express officials recently unveiled plans to increase service on the Dallas to Fort Worth corridor and that's the right move for the railroad. Shortening the time between waiting for trains should increase ridership.

The words we appreciate most in rail are convenience and connections.

No one likes to wait for an hour in our hot summer or cold winter weather for a train. TRE must make service more convenient for the public if it wants ridership numbers to go up. TRE's projected approach to earlier and later service, expanded Saturday service and allowing "deadheaded" trains to stop at stations in repositioning moves makes sense. This will allow workers and airport travelers who have been shut out because of poor scheduling to utilize the trains and connect with local mass transit at Fort Worth and Dallas to their final destination.

Both the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Gordon Dickson and Dallas Morning News transportation writer Brandon Formby posted detailed stories about the changes.  It's not expected to cost the TRE a nickel more to expand service thanks to their sharp pencils dealing with the rail service provider, Herzog. That should be a win for everyone, especially the public.

The one sour note that continues to haunt the TRE is a lack of Sunday service, except during special events. The only way to get between the two cities is by car, taxi or the occasional Greyhound bus on a Sunday. You can get as far as DFW Airport on DART rail seven days a week but the gap to Fort Worth remains. We're too big of a region to let this carry on much further. People live, work and travel seven days a week. We deserve a rail service to do the same. Sharpen put those pencils again.