November 2, 2015 - (Special to TRA)

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has released their Draft Texas Freight Mobility Plan for a 30-day public comment period.  The Freight Mobility Plan is TxDOT’s first comprehensive and multimodal transportation plan that focuses on the state’s freight transportation needs. The Freight Plan looks at Texas’ freight transportation challenges and will outline investment strategies and policies needed to address them. The plan also provides a vision for a safe, reliable, and efficient freight transportation system for Texas that supports economic growth and global competitiveness.

The draft plan was developed through a collaborative effort between TxDOT and the Texas Freight Advisory Committee as well as input gathered from extensive stakeholder outreach over the last two years. Texas Rail Advocates was one of the stakeholders that supplied input into the plan.

TxDOT is seeking input from the freight and business community, including airlines, railroads, ports, trucking, international border, shippers, receivers, forwarders, agriculture, manufactures, 3PL, carriers, retailers, pipelines, and transportation providers. TxDOT is also seeking input from the public, community leaders and industry representatives throughout the state.

The Draft Texas Freight Mobility Plan consists of three documents: a Draft Executive Summary, a Draft Final Report, and Draft Appendix. To view and comment on the plan visit their web site at: .  From there you will get instructions on how to submit your comments electronically or by mail.

The purpose of the public comment is to assist TxDOT with finalizing the Texas Freight Mobility Plan. All comments must be received by 5:00 pm on Monday November 9, 2015.

Questions about the Texas Freight Mobility Plan or the public comment period should be directed to