April 20, 2023 - TheDailyTexan.com - Kylee Howard, Senior News Reporter - 

The Texas Department of Transportation announced their hope to build passenger trains connecting Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston during a conference in Dallas earlier this month. 

According to Texas Rail Advocates, TxDOT applied for three corridor identification programs, the first step in the long process of building passenger trains. If approved, the Federal Railway Administration would grant $500,000 in funding for each corridor.

Marc Magliari, senior public relations manager at Amtrak, a long-time partner of TxDOT, said this is the most exciting time since the day Amtrak was created.

“There’s been a lot of growth, particularly in the south and west in the last 50 years or so,” Magliari said. “The map has not kept pace with that, because there hasn’t been funding to keep pace for it. But now there is.” 

Texas’ current highway system does not meet the transportation needs of Texans, Magliari said, therefore Amtrak and TxDOT want to fill the need with more trains. 

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