July 2, 2024 - TRA Newswire -

Union Pacific Railroad is on the prowl for new locations that can host large-scale industrial rail parks and, this week, announced five centers across their network to provide transportation solutions to business and industries.

Focus Sites are large-scale development sites suited for custom-built warehouses or industrial facilities. These sites are railroad hubs where Union Pacific can concentrate resources, effectively manage logistics and provide targeted services for its customers. The five new sites are in Shawnee, Oklahoma; Cedar City and Grantsville, Utah; and San Antonio and Texarkana, Texas. Combined, these five sites have 15,000 available acres ready for development.

"Our team of regional experts specialize in finding you the best site to build your business,” said Kenny Rocker, Executive Vice President - Marketing and Sales. “We work with customers to understand their business needs and find solutions to win in the marketplace.”

The San Antonio Logistics Park is the first of its kind industrial and manufacturing park that is adjacent to UP's state-of-the-art Intermodal Terminal, SAIT. The site is located in southwestern San Antonio, directly on the Interstate 35 corridor, a pipeline for the international supply chain.

SAIT is located in an Opportunity Zone and a Foreign Trade Zone, making it very attractive to international customers. The center has a heavy-haul interior service road with transloading facilities on-site. The terminal is designed to handle 250,000 annual container lifts and serves more than 21 million square feet of warehouse space.

The TexAmericas Center in Hooks, near Texarkana, was recently chosen to participate in the Union Pacific focus site program. CEO Scott Norton believes the collaboration with Union Pacific will allow them to recruit more jobs, capital investment opportunities, and new business to the area.

In 2021, the TexAmericas Center received more than $864,000 in federal grant funds to renovate and construct new rail facilities inside the park. Most of the upgrades are currently underway at the 12,000 acre industrial site.

The five new Focus Sites, provide businesses additional connections to the railroad’s 32,000-mile network and new opportunities to address their transportation needs. In all, Union Pacific has 32 Focus Sites across its network. 

In addition to Focus Sites, Union Pacific provides a Site Solutions Tool with more than 6,000 potential properties available and located within 800 meters of its rail lines. The listings are constantly updated to offer customers full visibility into available options to establish rail service with Union Pacific.