October 10, 2023 - TRA Newswire -

In conjunction with rail partners in Mexico and the Southeast U.S., Union Pacific Railroad has announced a new domestic intermodal service to connect industrial markets that will bring service through Texas to a wide range of cities.

In a news release, Union Pacific announced that the domestic intermodal service will originate on Grupo México's rail network (GMXT) from both Monterrey, NL and Silao, GJ. Through freight rail service will be handled through the Eagle Pass, Texas gateway and will serve cities in Arkansas, North Carolina, Georgia and a host of Florida terminals. 

"The Domestic intermodal service will be connecting rapidly growing industrial markets of Mexico with areas of high demand in the Southeastern United States", according to Union Pacific. Trains that originate in Mexico will pass through Texas and be handed off to Class 1 carriers Norfolk Southern and CSX through the Memphis gateway. 

"In tandem with our diverse customer base, including our private asset and rail container channel partners, this new service introduces the largest influx of intermodal capacity for the Southeastern U.S. market out of Mexico, " according to the news release. "It also reinforces Union Pacific's steadfast commitment to serving Mexico markets, helps take trucks off congested highways, and offers customers a complete transportation solution for business traversing this key trade corridor."

Destination Carrier

Destination Market

Origin Monterrey, NL
Transit in Days

Origin Silao, GJ
Transit in Days

UPMarion, AR (local)57
CSXJacksonville, FL1012
CSXCentral Florida ILC1012
NSAtlanta, GA (Inman)810
NSCharlotte, NC911
NSJacksonville, FL1012
NS/FECFt. Pierce, FL1214
NS/FECFt. Lauderdale, FL1214
NS/FECMiami, FL12