September 23, 2017 - TRA Newswire -

Union Pacific will celebrate U.S. Rail Safety Week as part of its continued efforts to educate the public about staying safe near rail operations in its communities, Sept. 24-30, 2017. Outreach events are scheduled during the first national observance week designated by the U.S. Department of Transportation and Operation Lifesaver, a nonprofit rail safety education organization. Union Pacific will host Crossing Accident Reduction, Education and Safety (UPCARES) events with law enforcement officers who monitor driver behavior at railroad crossings from inside a Union Pacific locomotive.

“Rail Safety Week participation will help raise awareness about the importance of drivers and pedestrians using caution anytime they approach railroad crossings," said Rod Doerr, Union Pacific vice president - Safety. "We care about our communities and urge everyone to slow down, look both ways and stop for approaching trains to prevent accidents."

Union Pacific launched a digital and social media public railroad safety campaign with videos addressing risky behavior on Facebook, YouTube, Hulu and online news sites. Two interactive videos follow hurried drivers tempted to beat trains and ask viewers to choose the ending by choosing ‘cross’ or ‘don’t cross.’ Watch and share Union Pacific’s Your Life is Worth the Wait videos at Spanish-language public rail safety videos available

In a second set of videos, Union Pacific uses animation to address pedestrian safety and the dangers of taking selfies on railroad tracks. One features a soccer fan taking a selfie on the middle of the field during game action and another shows young women taking selfies in front of landmarks. While there are many unique and safe places to take selfies, Union Pacific reminds viewers that railroad tracks are not among them. Watch and share Union Pacific’s photo safety videos at

This is also the year that Texas Operation Lifesaver is celebrating its 40th Anniversary.

Texas Operation Lifesaver is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public safety organization committed to reducing the number of tragic incidents at highway-rail grade crossing intersections and trespassing on railroad rights-of-way.

By making free Operation Lifesaver presentations to all age groups and to various professions (bus drivers, professional truck drivers, law enforcement, first responders, and others), the organization educates the public on how to make good decisions around railways in order to stay safe and alive. Supported by group-appropriate visual materials, videos, and brochures, these presentations encourage the citizens of Texas to become actively involved in enhancing rail safety in their communities.