July 25, 2019 - chron.com -

Union Pacific (UP) is hanging out their Open for Business sign. The rail giant’s recent initiative called “Rail Within Reach” is extending the stretch of rail to new customers across the country including Dayton and Cleveland.

Eric Watkins, general director of network, economic, and investor development for the new facilities and growth in the Union Pacific Economic and Industrial Development Group, explained to stakeholders at the quarterly Liberty County Economic Development Summit their mission.

“I’m looking for new places to develop rail.”

Watkins was at the LCECS to facilitate business development with cities in Liberty County where exponential growth is on the horizon.

Watkins leads the UP strategic effort to attract and secure new customers on the UP system and connecting Short Lines. He is the primary point of contact for business development at all ports, including the six crossings into Mexico, the most of any railroad.

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