April 12, 2023 - TRA Newswire -

There's a wealth of information on the future of freight and passenger rail in Texas and it's now available to view from presentations at the 19th Annual Southwestern Rail Conference, hosted by Texas Rail Advocates.

From TxDOT Rail Division Director Jeff Davis' update on both freight and passenger rail news to Surface Transportation Board Vice-Chair Karen Hedlund's observations on the rail industry, all videos have been uploaded. They include Texas Pacifico Vice-President Stan Meador with hopes of reopening the international rail bridge soon over the Rio Grande at Presidio to Texas A&M Transportation Institute's Allan Rutter discussing a study of long trains and how they affect railroads, shippers and the public.

All videos are uploaded to the Southwestern Rail Conference page, accessible through this link: https://www.texasrailadvocates.org/events/2023-southwestern-rail-conference/