April 7, 2024 - NBCDFW.com - Phil Prazen -

On the Channel 5 Lone Star Politics program today, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said he supports a Dallas to Houston bullet train, calling it "one of the most interesting and promising projects to come next".

In August 2023, Amtrak became the primary sponsor of the project after Texas Central and Japanese investors slowly backed away from previous plans. In an interview with Lone Star Politics, Secretary Buttigieg said the new vision has "enormous potential."

"We believe in this. Obviously it has to turn into a more specific design and vision but everything I've seen makes me very excited about this," said Sec. Buttigieg.

The secretary cited how the population is laid out in Texas. 

Read more and video: https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/politics/lone-star-politics/we-believe-in-this-biden-admin-backs-dallas-to-houston-high-speed-rail/3507635/

Editor's note: Amtrak Senior VP for High-Speed Rail, Andy Byford, will speak about the Dallas-Houston corridor at the Southwestern Rail Conference, April 16.

Photo credit: Channel 5 video