June 8, 2018 - asahi.com -
Next Shinkansen will not only be faster, safer, but save on power
Japan’s rail operators are on track to developing the next-generation Shinkansen that aim to break speed records, improve safety and are more energy efficient.

East Japan Railway Co. (JR East) started creating a test bullet train to eventually produce the world’s fastest commercial train, which will be able to run at 360 kph, though it once failed to break the record.

Meanwhile, Central Japan Railway Co. (JR Tokai) in March began trials toward introducing its first fully remodeled N700-series Shinkansen in 13 years.

[caption id="attachment_4414" align="alignleft" width="300"] Artist rendering[/caption]

An end car of JR East’s Alfa-X prototype Shinkansen, under development, will have a long nose, while the end car on the opposite side will boast a roundish design. The two structures were devised to compare their capabilities to rein in pressure waves that are produced when entering tunnels and causing loud noises.

Masashi Furuya, general manager of JR Tokai’s Shinkansen Operations Division, said importance is not placed on operating trains at higher speeds.

“The important thing is providing services to transport many passengers at one time in a safe and stable manner,” Furuya said. “We have never been looking to raise the maximum speed of trains.”

“The new train can be introduced for the Taiwan High Speed Rail and the planned Texas Central Railway,” said Furuya.

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