June 1, 2020 - TRA Newswire / RailPassengers.org -

In a letter sent to Congressional leaders, CEO Bill Flynn stated that Amtrak would need an additional $1.475 billion in funding, cut back it's workforce numbers by 20%, and drastically decrease system operations in the coming fiscal year due to the hardships and lower ridership demands thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Cuts proposed by Amtrak would result in Texas trains downgraded to less than daily service. This, after recently receiving over $1 billion in federal transportation aid. The request has already generated opposition from key leadership in Congress.

Rail Passengers Association started a campaign last week and already over 1,100 of their members responded, sending messages to nearly 400 Congressional offices.  Texas Rail Advocates is asking our base to join and add your voice.

“Let's be very clear: while Rail Passengers strongly supports the need to get Amtrak through this crisis with additional funds, any additional funds need to buy certainty for workers and passengers alike,” said Rail Passengers President Jim Mathews. “Daily train service must be the very minimum service level. We're already working with Congress to get this done, but we need your help to make sure that Amtrak has enough funds to maintain the necessary workforce to fully restore service once demand for travel recovers, and to run all National Network long-distance trains at least daily.”

Rail Passengers Association has supplied a link so you can send an email direct to Congressional offices: Protect Amtrak's Workers & Daily Service! 

This is an issue that affects not only passengers from all regions of the country, but the very people who run the trains we so passionately want to protect and maintain.