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Commentary: Will Amtrak follow through on the new 15 proposed national train routes?

March 3rd, 2024
March 3, 2024 - Commentary by Russ Jackson, Contributing Writer -The FRA has released its list of the 15 new long distance routes that could be added to the existing 15.  It's an impressive list of what ought-to-be's, but I hate...

What should be next at Amtrak?...some ideas for food, OTP, Phoenix and Texas

June 12th, 2021
June 8, 2021 - Commentary by Russ Jackson, 40 years as a rail advocate - After 50 years of existence you'd think Amtrak would have thought of everything.  Well, below are some ideas this writer has mulled over for a long...

Amtrak in October.... what's going to happen now?

October 28th, 2020
October 28, 2020 - Commentary by Russ Jackson -   Here we are in October, 2020.  Covid 19 is still spreading across the country, wildfires are burning in California and Colorado, another hurricane is hitting the Gulf Coast, a massive cold front...

Bye Bye Joe; Welcome to Amtrak, Wick

September 5th, 2016
September 1, 2016 - Commentary by Russ Jackson - Here it is the first of September, 2016, and a new Amtrak era begins at the top of the ladder.  Wick Moorman, 64, until last year the CEO of the Norfolk Southern Railway...

AMTRAK western long distance trains at the end of 2015; a positive report

December 19th, 2015
December 19, 2015 - Commentary by Russ Jackson / RailPAC Here we are, Christmastime 2015, and lo and behold the Amtrak long distance trains continue to roll and to some extent thrive despite the negative publicity that they are "money losers." ...

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